Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Coolest Girl in Boston

A few months ago my favorite band WE ARE SCIENTISTS were playing a SOLD out show in boston. I did not have tickets, and cried. SO i went on Craiglist and asked for a ticket in exchange for me providing free haircut and highlight. nice trade right!!!! I got TWO responses. and I got TWO tickets!!!!! My luck i guess! So one girl never came in to get her hair done. One girl named MEERA did. She is a nursing student and couldnt go cause there was a late class that night.

Sunday night a band named CUT COPY was playing in boston. I got my tickets a few months ago and didnt know who they were playing with. My friend Katie told me she was coming up to boston to see the band MATT AND KIM on sunday night. I just ASSUMED it was a different show. but two days before the show we realized it was the same venue, so that was exciting. As i was getting my tickets at will call, again, my concert luck, some dude walked by and said, anyone need a ticket. I OF COURSE took it. I frantically texted a few friends that wanted to go. saying....I have a free ticket, come right now. NO one responded.

I needed to go into the show so i decided to play a really cool scavenger hunt game. I looked for a good place that i could easily describe. so i could hide the ticket outside the venue so when my friends received the text they could come get it.

MATT AND KIM played. then i thought to myself.....okay, if someones gonna take this ticket they better do it now before CUT COPY starts. SO i texted EVERYBODY that is into music. One of them was MEERA! Everyone was TOO TIRED, or TOO LAME to come. BUT MEERA responded, where is the ticket.

Directly accross from the entrance there is a large garage door, and a small garage door. at the small garage door on the right side between the metal frame and the brick the ticket is tucked in between near the bottom.


I really admired someone who is practically a stranger taking a chance and risking the fact that she might not even find it, I admire that and i now think she is the coolest girl in all of Boston.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NYC with the Ting Tings

Katie and I took the train into NYC.

There was a venue change for the concert. Originally it was going to be at Bowery Ballroom. But they changed it to Terminal 5 a month or two before the show. I knew that the venue had changed but thought that Terminal 5 was the original place and it was AT the Bowery Ballroom. But to make it even more confusing i was thinking that the Bowery
Ballroom was where the Webster Theatre was. We took a cab to the first wrong place WEBSTER THEATRE, once i saw the name i was like...woops. Then to the NEXT wrong place, Bowery ballroom was not even open that night. Finally we found out that it was at Terminal 5 cause we phoned a friend. The show was great!!!! Katie made friends with an EMT with gold teeth, so we took a ride over the Brooklyn Bridge and got dropped off so we could walk over it into the city!!!!! SUCH an amazing feeling. I held myself up o a pole, cause i am trying out for cirque de soleil. We then took a cab from the brooklyn bridge to Washington Square Park and got off right out side Papaya Dog. WICKED cheap food, i had a cheeseburger, katie had a hot dog and a corndog.

Ended up getting back to Hartford at 4 in the morning. It was WELL worth it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

hanging in CT

Here visiting Katie in CT, took a color and cutting class today, then looked at the DESIGN CENTER LOFTS in hartford for like the fourth time. we, as in, Katie and I, decided to TAKE IT. Did mommys hair at ZINC salon, thats about it :) Katie and i might have a "wedding registry" so we can have some pots and pans and things for our house! ! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


STill working on my film, its gonna be like 5 minutes, they gave me an extension on the dead line, which is cool/nice of them. Its about dating :) lol.

Monday i go to CT to give the Design Center lofts my application. my boston landlord is letting me out of the lease. and my roommate put the garbage bag full of S@it on top of my shoes in the hallway, CLASSY!

I am really sad right now cause i dont WANT to leave boston. I am REALLY!!! really really excited about the lofts in Hartford though. i went to the ICA institute of contemporary art yesterday with a friend. well, on a date! the exhibit was Shepard Faiery (sp) honestly, i have never been SO inspired. you can check him out on line, i am SURE you would recognize some of his stuff, there is even a controversy over a obama thing he did, which is interesting cause this is his first solo exhibit at the ICA (MARKETING!)
alright. laters.