Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Driving

Well, it rained on christmas eve. it melted all the snow so it didn't even look cute anymore. I had a problem because right when i got on the highway for my 45 minute windshield wipers stopped working right. It started staying more and more to the left and not going down the entire way. then it was going back and forth completely off the windshield. I was laughing SO hard on the highway for the first 15 minutes. but as i could not see i had to basically have my head in the drivers side seat as i drove. heres a video of when it first started happening. it got worse.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas at the mall

We lost power at the mall yesterday. It was AMAZING. I was walking to get some food at 5:30 and the mall went PITCH black. People started screaming and laughing and you could hear guys trying to scare their girlfriends. then the emergency lights went on....but people were STUCK in the elevators. I was done with work luckly cause one girl was gettting her color put on when it happened so they brought her out into the hallways where there was SOME light to finish putting it on. I left and SO did EVERYONE else so i was in the parking lot trying to leave for EVER. but i guess the power did go back on after like half and hour so the lady got her hair finished!


Monday, December 15, 2008

I got my passport today!!!!!! I am truly excited. Its the first step in getting another one of my dreams fulfilled, going to Europe. Heres the pic where i look like a serial killer. GREAT! that will make it easy to get into another country.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This morning....the plan was to get up early.....8:45. Yeah...that IS early. I had a lot of christmas shopping that i wanted to do in Boston. but i slept til 11:30. got dressed (looked SO cute, if i do say so myself, and others did to!) anywhoozle. Went to a very unique store in a suburb of boston, you cant get this place just anywhere....Ocean State Job Lot. obviously thats a joke, but i was in line for Literally half and hour. it was so busy and the lines for the registers were a huge for the cool part. i went to chinatown. I wondered around in a light drissel, more of a mist. i felt in a state of euphoria taking random streets and exlporing. it makes me the happiest to do things like that. Even that time in utah when i was like 14/15 and took the bus back home from salt lake city. I just LOVE it. oh..then i walked over to boston common and took some pics.