Monday, May 2, 2011

no one is reading this....thats ok. I made it for my family, getting a taste of my own medicine

Ive been trying to get ride of stuff...i tell myself, "I CANT GET RID OF THAT CAUSE SOMEONE COULD USE IT" Im over that....fuck it....i threw a bunch of stuff out last night and today i saw a normal young guy going through the dumpster and he took ALL the clothes, hopefully the shoes too!!!! YAY!!!!

a few years ago i saw a video on the website of TEN31 Productions of two performers dressed as ROBOTS named Alpha and Omega, i thought it was the COOLEST thing ever....well, the other day i got to perform with them as one of them....another dream come true. I always feel so depressed after i achieve something....the idea and the dream is always better then the reality. but it was still AWESOME!!!!