Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It was Jersey Shore at work....then i won the costume contest for scariest costume at the Chez in Hartford, then the next day drove to P-town to walk around the streets for a bit, slept in Providence, then take the train to NYC for The Village Parade AND back that night. im tired.

Monday, August 23, 2010

P-town Carnival 2010


I was invited to be on a float with a CT DJ John Rzasa

Watch the Video to check out our float!!!! oh yeah, we were having so much fun before the parade even started that the police made us PULL OVER THE FLOAT to check for alcohol......P-town was NOT ready for the CT crew!


My friend Ed and i wanted to go to Montreal... it was his birthday and montreal gay pride.

there are a lot of animals in vermont!

So we stopped at Moms house to break up the trip.......watch the video on youtube.com/kurtuccello

I didnt want to mess anything up at the Vermont house, to not make anyone mad......but that water decided to leak everywhere!!!

There are a LOT of bees in montreal, EVERY restaurant had at LEAST three bees flying around us, i didnt mind them at all, a bees got to eat too.

There were amazing drag shows....they even did cool songs like NIN and Depeche mode, not just show tumes crap

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My First Solo Show (music)

I played my music in front on an audience. This was my first solo show, so i put on a SHOW!

Friday, January 22, 2010

the Case of the IPhone

I made myself an iPhone case!!!! Heres how to make your own.

1> use a gift card that dad gave you last year to purchased a shiny silver iPhone case.
2> Take a picture of your paint splotch tattoos
3> print them out
4> put a piece of silver sticky paper that a friend gave you under the picture.
5> cut out three paint splotches with an razor.
5> Stuck them to iPhone case
6>spray paint with three different colors, two blue, one white.
7>Remove sticky paint splotches
8>spray with white paint.
9>spray with clear shiny sealer.
10>put on iPhone that Kim helped you get

11>be happy for life!