Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Weekend

friday night at work there was a HUGE hailstorm. I had never seen that kind of thing before.

Then I drove to boston at 7 but it took FOREVER to get out of CT cause two ways to get to hartford from my work were blocked off due to falling trees and down power lines. I went to a going away party for a friend in boston then picked up my friend Jared and brought him back to CT. He hung out while i worked on Saturday and he made Lady Gaga glasses.

We took the train into NYC saturday afternoon and met with Jareds friend Christina. We met up with a friend of mine TAYLOR who i met when he lived in CT. the guy who was in the Deaf Play.

On Sunday we marched in the parade. i was doing headstands for the crowd. eh....it didnt hurt that bad but i got a huge bump that luckly went down quickly.

After the parade we walked around and ran into Cameron Diaz on the street. She liked Jared's glasses. Then we went out a few places, watched the fireworks from the west side highway. We saw Joel from Good Charlotte outside of a hotel.

We stayed over at Jareds friends house Sunday night she lives right next to Washington Square Park.

We hung out in washington square park on monday afternoon and walked home to the train station but got ice cream on the way.