Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh my god, its been so long

ok, i am now the loser who has not updated. WELL, i dont have online at home right now. so i only go on line on my lap top at work when i am not busy. Like today, i have no clients. My co-worker from Heidis salon opened the most amazing salon in CT. Kind of pissed he didnt' do it sooner. maybe i would have stayed. anywho.....i got more tattoos. :) (you love it kim) i've been looking hard core for the perfect apartment/condo for me, searching boston/providence/and connecticut. Loft living, I want it more then anything!!!!!!!! And my roommate had a talk with me last night that he wants to move out, so, i got to start looking hardcore, I wouldn't mind paying the large rent by myself for a place that i was in love with. But not so much this place in dorchester. But if i have to i am ready. Oh and i have been painting A LOT, and i started a new film that i need to get done in a week if i want to enter it in this years gay and lesbian film fest.